ToGetHome Pet ID Tag & Solution

The ONLY Pet ID Tag read from a safe distance with a smartphone!
Pet owners are notified instantly with the exact location.

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Caring people can identify your lost pet from a safe distance and notify you instantly!

We all know the feeling of a missing pet. Our system is designed to get your pet home quickly and safely.

A lost pet's ID tag is scanned with the free ToGetHome App from up to 50 feet away.
Only the pet's information is displayed.

The owner is then instantly notified with the information and the pet's exact GPS location.

ToGetHome is a patented² system that is designed for people to safely identify a lost pet from 50 feet away.

How It Works

The ToGetHome Pet ID Tag

  • Attaches to a pet's collar
  • Sends the pet's information to mobile devices up to 50 feet away
  • Has a replaceable battery that lasts 1 year
  • Is completely waterproof
  • Is made with non-toxic Anti-Chew

The ToGetHome App

With the Free ToGetHome mobile app owners will be able to track their pets,
and pet rescuers will be able to identify a lost pet and alert the owner.

App Features

  • It is FREE
  • Rescuers do not need a log in
  • App only provides the pet's image, name, microchip number, and note from owner
  • Owner can set a "home boundary"
  • Owner will receive notifications if pet's signal is read outside of the home boundary
  • Owner can flag a pet as "Lost" and receive all updates
  • Rescuers are notified if they are close to a lost pet, if "Active Rescuer" is selected
  • One-touch sends: GPS location, time and date, pet's condition, and note to the owner
  • Owner can text with rescuer, both remaining anonymous
  • App notifies the owner when the battery on the Pet Identification Device is low
  • More features are in development!

How ToGetHome compares
to other Pet ID Tags and Devices

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Helping Non-Profit Pet Organizations

ToGetHome collaborates with Non-Profit pet organizations.
We desire to assist in increasing pet adoptions, spay & neutering, and volunteer participation.
We will provide our 50% off coupons to qualifying organizations to give to pet adopters and volunteers.

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